Wednesday, August 24, 2005

8/24/05 INJURIES

Earlier this afternoon my son was watching an episode of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption.” One segment consisted of an interview with Steve McNair, an NFL quarterback who plays with the Tennessee Titans.

I wasn’t paying attention until he started laughing and asked me, “Did you hear what McNair said?” I hadn’t, so he told me.

During the interview, McNair was asked how he was holding up from a physical standpoint. McNair answered with "My injuries is one-hundred percent injury free."

I asked if my son if he’d heard it right. He said he had, but said we could double-check and watch a repeat of PTI an hour later. Well, we watched it; and McNair did in fact say "My injuries is one-hundred percent injury free."

After our laughter and mockery subsided, I pointed out to my son, “And that guy’s got a college degree!”

McNair graduated from Alcorn State. According to one web site, he graduated with a degree in communications. According to another web site, he has two degrees (1992 and 1996). I wasn’t too interested in pursuing it further; only in pointing out this quote.



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