Saturday, October 08, 2005


Today I was watching a Fox News piece on the modern-day Minutemen.

The marquis scroller along the bottom of the screen displayed, in part:

"....To fight illegal border crime."

Does that mean there's legal border crime? Wow!


R. said...

Those minuteman guys are trying to keep undocumented workers on the doucemented side to keep them legal. That's my spin and I'm sticking to it.


Maggie Leber said...

Reflexive use of "illegal" here is probably a spasm induced by the constant PC hammering of the phrase "undocumented immigrants". "Undocumented" is an attempt at misdirection, and "immigrant" begs the question.

Speaking of "begs the question", can we get to you also take up cudgels against newsreaders who think "begs the question" means the same thing as "raises the issue", instead of actually meaning comitting the argumentaion fallacy otherwise known as "petitio principii"?

Karlos said...

Reflexive spasm of political correctness is an interesting theory.

I will keep an ear out for “begs the question” and post next time I hear it. I’ve heard “begs to ask” before two, which really kills me.

Thanks for the post :-)