Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Long Time No Post

One of my coworkers received an email from a company, via a job search web site, that I found particularly disturbing.

According the company’s home page, they’re a top notch organization…Blah blah blah.

Get a load of this job listing:

Experience Intel system administrator with hands on hardware servier technical suppoert experience to participate in the support of the test environments for various IT software applications. The candiadte will have strong knowledge of all areas of servcer computer hardware support including installation of hardware components and diagnostics of hardware issures. Working as part of the server technical support team to manager, support, install and run diagnostics on server hardware in the non-production test labs


If you are not interested in this position and know somone that is qualified for this position, please forward this email to them.

Here are a couple of snips of their home page:

Clients call on _____________ to satisfy their most difficult requirements; they rely on us to separate those individuals that excel from those that are mediocre performers for managing their information technology and engineering projects.

We have earned the respect and admiration of our clients, competitors and clients as a highly successful and ethical organization that consistently maintains an exceptional track record of performance and on time delivery.

Here’s a snip from the page that lists their clients:

____________ is dedicated to meeting all of our clients staffing and project management needs. Our client’s include some of the worlds most recognized companies consisting of Fortune 500, midsize and emerging corporations. Below is a partial list of clients:

Wow. It’s time they send there righter’s bak too collage.

I had to send them a note pointing out the hideous writing and grammatical skills. I couldn't help myself!


jules said...

You are a bad, bad boy.

Anonymous said...

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