Monday, February 26, 2007


*** Update to original 12/28/06 post ***

"…She could face possible murder charges…" -- Matari Jones, WOAI News, 12/28/06

How about: "She could possibly face murder charges..."?

Update 2/26/07:
Stu contends that the sentence should read:

“She could face murder charges.”

I agree. "Could" implies "possibility."

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Maybe they made a new law against "possible murder".

Stu said...

actually, wouldn't "could" imply "possible," and, if so, wouldn't it be best to write, "She could face murder charges..."?

Karlos said...

Excellent observation Stu! I don’t know why the redundancy didn’t register when I wrote this.


Neutron said...

Great blog! Hope it does some good. I have a rant and rave now and then about sloppy English but nothing as dedicated as this.