Friday, April 27, 2007

A Sad State of Affairs

This next submission was received from a friend. The text below was from a college educated, high school teacher in response to my friend's inquiry regarding an assignment being turned in late by his son. This sickens me greatly:

"He could bring everything tomorrow to Rm B-107.
teacher's recommendation are turn in by the teachers not the students.
I will accepted this time.
Thank you"


pia said...

That is truly sad. I used to manage large scale litigation projects and did all the hiring for all the NY projects as I was the only manager who objectively interviewed candidates.

I can't spell to save my life, but you would have never known that from my resume.

It was amazing how many college educated candidate's resumes contained typos. I went on the assumption that if they didn't care enough to get their resume right they wouldn't care about the job.

I also devised tests to see how literate they were. My ancillary training manual was Strunk & White

Carlos said...

Thanks for stopping by my other blog Pia. I bet you saw some really interesting stuff! I've had the opportunity to review resumes as well, and they are, for the most part, awful!

It really is discouraging that our primary language is taken so lightly by our schools.

little sister said...

That's fuckin' awful....sheesh. mi hija could write better than that before first grade.

Pia is on the right track with Strunk & White - at least according to my rules ;)

I'm a recovering legal secretary, and lawyers are the only professionals who consistently write well (not great, but way better than other college grads. That was the only refreshing part of my job.

Carlos said...

Little Sister: I never thought about lawyers being more literate than the average college grad. Very nice observation. Based on my dealings with lawyers over the past three years I'll have to agree with you!