Friday, April 06, 2007

WOAI Double Header

“….that is nearly almost one hundred years old.” -- Matari Jones, WOAI, April 5 2007
Doing a story on a house fire.

“….a man lays down on the tracks….” – Shelly Miles, WOAI April 5 2007
Doing a story on a man who was killed by a train.

I hate to keep picking on WOAI, but they make it so easy.


little sister said...

That's hilarious.

For me, reading or hearing 'lay' when it should be 'lie' is worse than hearing fingernails scraping a chalkboard. AUGH!

Carlos said...

LOL...It drives me up a wall as well :-)

Elle Kasey said...

Don't Worry If Your Water Tastes Funny

6:16 p.m. EDT April 7, 2007

WASHINGTON - People who live and work in the District might notice a change in the taste of their drinking water, officials said. But not to worry, it's just a change in the disinfectant the city uses. From now until May 7, people may notice a slight chlorine taste and odor coming from the tap while the Washington Aqueduct switches from chloramines to chlorine for a one-month period.

Officials said the temporary change does not have any impact on the safety of the drinking water. But the level of chlorine could effect dialysis patients and fish tanks.