Monday, January 26, 2009


House Keeping
and Make Ready's
The Galloping Granny's

A flyer from a local small business.
I'm too lazy to scan it today


Loving Annie said...

You get what you pay for. If they are careless in one area, don't expect an immaculate home from their employees!

The Punctuator said...

What the heck are "make readys" (readies?) anyway? And "galloping grannies" sounds like something you get from drinking foreign water without boiling it first.

Carlos said...

Loving Annie: They actually did a pretty good job. It's just a couple of country chicks looking to make a little money. I definitely won't be hiring them to write my memoir!

The Punctuator: A Make-Ready is a house being made ready for sale (cleaning, painting, etc.). It's a real estate term I first heard a couple of years ago. I agree that "galloping grannies" sounds odd - like it might be a gastrointestinal response to drinking too much Metamucil or eating too much creamed corn ;-)

Ren said...

That was just painful to read. I expected a word after both Ready's and Granny's but after a fruitless search, I have decided that it's just poorly written. /sigh

I think someone needs to take the majority of the online population back to school in the hopes of teaching the proper use of apostrophes. This is just getting scarier every day.

Carlos said...

Ren: Yes it was! I think most of the population in general needs to get back to school!