Friday, January 16, 2009

Oh, Go On!

Have you ever heard someone use the term “going forward”?

I absolutely despise it! I first noticed it about two years ago, and have been hearing it more and more every year – mostly from corporate brass.

Am I the only one who hates it?
Say it ain’t so!


The Punctuator said...

I don't care much for that phrase either. But at least it's not as bad as one that seems to infect my company, and which I haven't heard anyone else use: "ramping up", as in "getting ready for". Have you heard this bit of idiocy before?

Loving Annie said...

I've heard it. Usually it comes from someone pompous or dishonest, who is trying to put a spin on something.

Carlos said...

Punctuator: Yes! "Ramping up" is also on my list! I heard it more during my 21yrs in the Coast Guard than I do now though.

Loving Annie: Wow! A VP at my former company used to use that term prolifically. And he fits your definition of people who use it to the tee. A real S.O.B., he is!