Tuesday, May 26, 2009


It seems automobile warranty company USFidelis needs to find an ad agency that is true to English grammar rules. Here are two snapshots of a commercial I saw on television today (Credit to Dear Shelley for alerting me!), and one I found on the USFidelis web site.

An apostrophe might be in order here.

Hyphenate it or make it two words.

Wasn't this covered in a remedial punctuation lesson in fourth grade?


mr_g said...

What can I say, peepel are stoopid sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by in January - I just got back to blogging again and saw it. You ever find Madman?

Carlos said...

Yes they are. No, I never found madman. Considering the medical problems in his last few months of blogging, I figure he either died or just got so sick he didn't feel like wasting time blogging.