Monday, April 26, 2010


Shortly after getting my LG EnV3 telephone (through Verizon), I paid for and downloaded a mobile version of Scrabble. It didn’t take me long to notice that certain words were verboten – evidently censored by Hasbro to keep its customers safe from our evil English language.

I wasn’t so surprised by the omission of some of the more profane words in my vocabulary, but when I was prohibited from playing the word butt during one of my turns the other day, I cried bullshit. I was sitting in my doctor’s office, and quietly muttered, “That’s bullshit,” which earned me a couple of looks from fellow sickos.


While we’re on the topic of censorship…

I had a comment censored on a newspaper’s web site this morning. That’s right – a newspaper – Defenders of the First Amendment. It seems the Corpus Christi Caller Times took issue with the egregious epithet hell in one of my posts. The funny thing about that is the fucking word wasn’t even in the fucking post! It was just a fucking URL. Here’s a screen shot.


Rimpy said...

I don't get it; where did they get "hell" out of that?

Laura said...

When did "hell" become a sweary word? I guess kids don't learn that "war is hell" in school. Also, I couldn't spot the "hell" in the URL either.

Carlos said...

Not sure about "hell." Figure it must be my old baby sitter back from when I was 8. She washed my mouth out with soap (Ivory!) for saying "barf," if you can believe that!