Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fallacy of Ambiguity - Again...

I've been watching CBS News Up to the Minute in my hotel room for the past four days...

The cadence and diction of of Anne Marie Green's speech as she does the news in the early mornings is driving me positively batty.  I hate it,but can't seem to change channels for 15 or so minutes.  Ms. Green's stress on words and syllables is often so poorly placed that it's not clear what the point of a particular sentence is until the context of the story is clear.

It's astounding to me that broadcasters are paying people to read news when they clearly don't have a mastery of speech and reading.

She's not alone in her poor reading habits. The Fallacy of Ambiguity is everywhere.  I need to start a list of poor news readers and narrators.

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