Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Yesterday morning a local television reporter was doing one of those cutesy (but lame) Halloween pieces that, for some reason, broadcast companies think we really want to watch.

Instead of saying ghoulish (as in goo-lish), she pronounced it goalish.

Make it stop!!!


jules said...

Ah hell, Carlos....I wish I'd never found THIS site. Butchering the English Language is one of my pet peeves. I'm not sure I want to read any further lest I become enraged.

Karlos said...

Oh don't desert me Jules! I need an ally in my war on the illiterate :-)


jules said...

Okay, yesterday my sis-in-law asked me if I was gonna e-mail her my "antidote" for the day. (I THINK she meant anecdote) because I usually don't carry antidotes with me.

You realize you are pushing me one step closer to insanity? I'll be listening closely now to the idiots that talk to me. If my head explodes it's YOUR fault, Carlos.

Karlos said...

You're a peach Jules!

I accept full responsibility, and promise to appreciate your contributions! :-)

Should I make you a co-contributor of this thing or would you prefer to be "at large?"

jules said...

I never like the "at large" description. Hits too close to the truth!
Holy cow, Batman, I can't even read the stupid word verification. It may take me a couple of tries to post this.

Marcus said...

Preach it brother! Incorrect use of language, mispronunciations, manufactured words and other Grammarcides really bug me.
I've posted a couple of similar things to this, maybe I could be a guest contributor to IYDL?
A radio commentator I heard today insisted the score was "twenny". I'm pretty sure it was twenty!

Bunny ~N~ Early said...

People like me NEED posts like this.I did know ghoulish...