Monday, March 27, 2006

Nouns and Verbs Doesn't Agree

"And then there was four." -- Kristine Johnson, NBC News Early Today, 27 March 2006.

Does they teaches noun/verb agreement in skool any more?


This is fast becoming a real peeve of mine. I hear people doing this shit every day on television, radio and in person. For example:

“The wind and rain is going to be a real problem today.”
“There’s lots of reasons to....”
“Here’s a few things to keep you busy...”

For those of you who are noun/verb challenged, here are some links that might help:

Exercise 1

Exercise 1b

Exercise 8c (Don’t ask where the ones in between went)


Roscoe said...

Please add a few peeves to the list.

Then, Than
Their There, They’re
Up v. Raise (Upping something like goals or expectations.)

A local television commercial promises to architect a new plan for me. Don’t architects DESIGN buildings?

We must be downing our standards.

Karlos said...

I'll be sure to add those! Here's another:

Should of

I thought I replied earlier, but the post is gone.