Sunday, April 16, 2006

No El Write-o El Englisho

This letter was supposedly written by a Judson high school student in support of a walkout to protest a national immigration policy that had not even been implemented.

Forget the politics of this and focus on the educational implications. Grammar and writing skills are not being adequately taught in high school, if they’re being taught at all. My son’s high school does not teach either. Their “English” class is nothing more than a literature class.


Judson Hipanics/Mexicans/Chicanos/Latino students willl walk out to support their people! Cume so that we may be heard! forget all them people who think that this is pointless because you know that if it was your people, family, and friends that you would do the same ! america is based on immigrants! america is suppose to be the land of the free! coming to america is to have a better life ! then why are you gonna take it away from people who struggle to come to america to get a better life! help your people .............put yourself in their shoes and think how would you like to be treated the way that you are treating them now ! how would you like to live how they are living now!


Sad, isn't it?


The_Gator said...

Man carlos... i wish i had seen this site a few weeks ago... My boss was writing Grants and of course because she is the sharpest tool in the shed, it took me 3 days to read through every single one again. There were so many run on sentences, spelling errors, @ symbols, numbers. Overall she should have let me write them instead, it would have been faster. I'll be sure to send you a little sample of her writing!


Karlos said...

I look forward to the samples. I've always had a special place in my heart for college educated folks who don't have the slightest clue about their language.

Thanks for the post!

Jesse said...

the headline could be more properly written as

"No Write-o Englisho"
"Yo No write-o Englisho"
"El No Write-O de Englisho"

if we are to assume that the writer of headline wishes to use spanish grammatical and morphematic structures and an english lexicon