Sunday, April 23, 2006

More Noun / Verb Disagreement

“...and there is still nine days remaining in the month.” Rick Alessio, Headline News, 22 April, reporting a story about Albert Pujols and the number of home runs he’s hit.

Dear Rick (or Rick’s writer): See this post or head back to skool.


The Sour Kraut said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and am getting a kick out of all the posts. My husband and I still laugh at his secretary who was reading a flight number to me and said "Z, as in xylophone."

The_Gator said...

well carlos i hate to disappoint you....but my boss isnt a college graduate...if she were it would be even sadder. Basically shes a high school graduate who cant type, do math, and who's only real qualifications is that she is a mom. That fact is real reassuring to me! Now, back to the big news. Today while i was at work, she asked me how i could get this 5 page document onto the computer. She then said can we scan it? or can we just re-type it all up. So I say to her...." remind me tomorrow and ill scan it all over"...her reply was..."i dont have a couple of days to do it... it has to be in by next week!...(holding back the laughter) it will take an hour maximum...( i only work an hour and a half tomorrow so i will drag it out as long as possible)