Tuesday, April 25, 2006


"Nuculear" That's nook-you-lear

Scott Heimler (I think) beting interviewed on a local A.M. radio station, April 23rd 2006


The_Gator said...

Yesterday, I...got yelled at for using hydrogen peroxide on a childs scrape. Now of course the child cried and it probably hurt a little bit..but the wound was clean in seconds and then i put a band-aid on it. (the child had hurt themselves at home and the band-aid came off.) My oh so intelligent boss (who was already bitching more than a 15 year old girl....) Starts yelling because the child is crying and that i should have checked the childs file before using the hydrogen peroxide, because the child could have been allergic.....Now on that statement i started to laugh at her...and argue with her.

I told her hydrogen peroxide is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. If the child was allergic the child would be dead....unless she lived in a bubble....(your body makes it to fight infections.)

My oh so wise boss then started saying something about tylenol and aspirin.....my response was...those are completely different....

Its so great working for someone who cant help elementary school kids with their homework or for that matter anything at all really.


The kid survived...the child did not swell up like balloon and the mom laughed at the child for saying it hurt.

Boss' reaction....wont find out till tomorrow...

Karlos said...

God...it sounds like you're working for a real piece of work; someone I'd like to have developing my kids while I'm at work -- NOT!

Glad to hear the kid survived the encounter with hydrogen & oxygen. ;-)

~ Stacy ~ said...

"...beting interviewed..."

Um, typo? [heh]

Karlos said...

God catch Stacy!

Yes, "beting" was a typo. I coud bame it on the ergonomice keebored I was (and am) treyeing to get used too, but I'll owen up to pore proofreeting!

Thanks for dropping by.