Sunday, July 02, 2006

Row's the Word


A Tom Benson Chevrolet television commercial referring to the rows and rows of automobiles in their inventory. --01 July 2006.

Get your money back from your advertising agency Tom, and have the guilty party visit the Apostrophe Protection Society.

If not for the power of technology (i.e. the digital video recorder), I would’ve chalked this beauty up to rum and wishful thinking.

Note: Post modified for typographical error on 8/16/06.


R. said...

oh row row your boat you know where ;)

I always have problems with should a word have just the s, or 's, or s'.

Where can I go to learn more about this problem I share with the advertising company? Don't tell me school, I want a web address

Karlos said...

LOL....Here ya go Nay:

~ Stacy ~ said...

Who is this Row character anyway? I hear he has lots of automobiles parked at Tom Benson Chevrolet. I wonder if he's related to Jay Leno.

jc said...

Perhaps you meant "Chalked"?

jc said...

Perhaps you meant "Chalked"?

Karlos said...

JC: That's what happens when fingers move faster than brains. I type 100+ wpm; apparently my brain was working at 50wpm that morning.

Thanks for pointing it out. I've since made the correction.


Anonymous said...


Where is your comma after the "i.e."?

I am not a blogger ATT, so I am anonymous. I am sure you know who sent this. :o)