Wednesday, August 09, 2006


"Deadly Cycle Ax" -- Subtitle during a story about a motorcycle accident, WOAI morning news, August 8, 2006

Are we getting so lazy as a culture that we can't use complete words?


~ Stacy ~ said...

You say lazy like it's a bad thing. Um... yes. [sheepish grin] I tend to use 'cuz and 'course, 'cuz I'm just that lazy. ;)

However, this subtitle would have conjured up visions in my mind of Vikings weilding some sort of archaic Cycle Ax. You know, 'cuz they're such a deadly weapon.

Nancy Drew said...

maybe cuz we b dum?

Greek Shadow said...

Editor needs to look in his style book for a correct abreviation.

Thomas said...

Hello from Seattle via Houston.