Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What's Wrong With Our Schools?

“…But there is big changes in store…” David Mazza, WOAI morning news, 7 January, 2009.

Jesus H. Christ. Is grammar being taught anywhere any more?



Apparently not within earshot of broadcasters. ;)

Loving Annie said...

No. People do not read anymore in the traditional sense of books.
The kids get computers that spell-check for them.
They do not learn grammar.

I will be near your Aunt's well-known pastry place again next month, and will definitely stop by and tell her that her cousin said hello.

Did you take advantage of the free chocolate offer on my blog ?

I wonder what you would think of their truffles compared to....

Laura Payne said...

And how about punctuation? I recently posted on my blog about the restroom signs at my sons' school that read "Boy's" and "Girl's"...what a sad state of affairs.

Carlos said...

Grammarphile: Apparently! It's really gonna drive me to drink...more!

Loving Annie: That's a fact. They don't teach grammar very well in elementary school either. My kids' writing and grammar training effectively ended in the seventh grade. After that, they were just given writing assignments; they were never taught writing mechanics or advanced grammar.

If you stop by, make sure to remember she's my cousin, not my aunt ;-) No, I didn't take advantage of the free chocolate. I saw the free cookie offer, but not the free chocolate. I'll go take a look!

Laura: It's just as bad. I'm seeing more and more bad or missing punctuation in the media these days. Shame about your sons' school! Wonder how long it'll last!