Saturday, February 28, 2009


After having spent the last week out of town and offline, I spent the morning catching up on reading my favorite blogs.

While at Becky’s site, I noticed this post about Amrhein's, a restaurant in Boston (I'm just guessing on the use of the apostrophe in their name; the site's author used Amrhein's and Amrheins. Then I followed the link to the restaurant’s web site. Here are some samples of the site’s author’s grammatical skills. I just couldn't resist:

And they're not particularly technical either:


Becky said...

Hahahahaha, "e-mail wwww...."! That is a classic. Thanks for your additional research on this one.

Loving Annie said...

Proofread, people - proofread !!!

Hope that you are having a good weekend, Carlos :)