Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I know I really shouldn't be suprised by the piss-poor writing and language skills of our population, but this is ridiculous! I lifted this off a message board:

"I the Man all this for little ole me :-) why thanks.... You on all that stuff okay thats good an all, But I don't really care as I said the first time kids went there an now my sisters kids go there also.So what was up when they were having the ceremonies at school an my sisters best friend as well as her Aunt weren't allowed to go in because they didn't have children there?Its one big fire hazard also the way they have the entry as well as the gates locked all the time. Oh well like I told my sister to each his own.Well have to pack off to Spain again you would think I would get used to it by now.Talk back at ya'll in amonth or so"